Advantages of Workflow Management Software For PDR Businesses

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If you were to have a conversation with other PDR businesses about using software, three of the most common things you’d hear about would be businesses who are unwilling to graduate from spreadsheets, people not wanting to admit they’re having problems, and those who have already tried using management systems.

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PDR workflow management software can do much more than a spreadsheet. Because information can be uploaded and reviewed in real-time, your PDR business can efficiently monitor vehicle statuses and anticipate potential bottlenecks that may arise.

When it comes down to it, management systems tend to work the best for the operational managers. The person in your business (outside of yourself), who will end up reviewing all of the work and information the most tends to be the operational manager. So, if you have a day or two where it’s very busy and the operational manager doesn’t have time to sign off on jobs, management software can eliminate that by providing them with all of the information on the fly and the ability to approve anything with a few clicks on their mobile device.

Management software provides all of your technicians with information in real-time. But your operational manager could have the software set up for them to receive text message notifications so that they are constantly up to date. Beyond that, management software can provide information on repair recommendations, estimates, and other potential costs.

In the PDR world, you don’t want your business bogged down by bottlenecks and waiting on approvals. There’s no reason to delay services over things that could easily be changed to increase your business’ effectiveness.  

In a matter of seconds, you can review vehicle statuses, estimates, the technicians working, and any other bits of information regarding a specific vehicle. You can automate just about everything in your PDR business operations– including the back-office and the repair side of things.

The best way to get your PDR shop running as efficiently as possible is by having all of your people working together as a team. It should be a cooperative effort between your operational manager, technicians, and back-office operations. With management software, every department can access information immediately in real-time. If a problem pops up, everyone is notified and can work together to solve it as quickly as possible.

The software can alert you to potential problems in order to maintain proper workflow momentum, keeping little issues in check so they don’t become show-stoppers. It can also track estimates, approvals, commissions, salaries, hourly wages, payroll, invoices, and more all in one place.

When it comes to PDR, speed and efficiency are the two areas that impact your profits. It’s not only important to make your shop more productive, but also to implement a system that every employee adapts to, uses to keep your business operating at its best. The best management software is extremely flexible for all of your individual needs and offers a variety of customization options for your PDR business.

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